Maned Man Beard Brand began as a way for me to learn how to naturally keep my beard clean, conditioned, moisturized, and healthy. None of the men in my family have beards, so I couldn’t have knowledge passed down, so this sent me on a journey to learn how to do it on my own. I never even thought about growing a beard until I skipped shaving the small strip of hair that grew down my face. That little strip slowly...I mean very slowly... began to resemble a little beard, so I let it much as it would at least.
I began to use beard washes and beard oils, but I noticed that my beard would shine temporarily, but these products were drying not only my beard out, but also the skin underneath. I began to research and realized that these weren’t all natural ingredients and they weren’t good for my skin and hair at all.
I found myself studying natural carrier and essential oils uses and benefits which led me to buying natural oils to create my own natural beard oil in my kitchen. And from my kitchen table the vision came for me to create an all natural beard care brand so other men can naturally take care of their manes.
I have always been infatuated with lions. I loved their strength, their tenacity, their structure.....and of course their manes. A beard is the mane of a man.