Will Beard Oil Help Me Grow a Beard?

Chauntez Tyus

“Will beard oil help me grow a beard?”

This is a common question that I get regarding Maned Man Beard Brand products. I would first off like to start off by telling you this… beard oil, butter, balm, etc. is going to make you grow what your genetics didn’t give you. I get it because the men in my family can barely grow any facial hair at all, so I am lucky to have what I have. There is no product (that’s safe at least) to make facial hair start to grow where it won’t, because I would’ve been using it to get my ideal mane. If a company promises a

 Now that we got that out of the way, beard oil will benefit those that can naturally grow beards. Beard oil helps to provide a healthy growth environment on your face for beard growth. Maned Man Beard Brand Beard Oil contains natural carrier oils and essential oils that penetrates and moisturizes the skin under the beard and eliminates irritation or itch. Vitamin E strengthens by repairing damaged facial hair making your beard stronger. Keeping your skin moisturized and healthy helps with better growth. This helps reduce breakage which leads to a fuller beard than you would have if your beard was brittle and breaking.

So in conclusion, if your genetics didn’t give you any ability to grow facial hair, beard products will not perform a miracle. If you can grow facial hair, there are benefits to using natural beard care products to grow and Mane-tain the best beard possible. If you haven't had them in your personal care should start expeditiously. 

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